Tri-Zone is both a neighborhood bike shop and shop for the dedicated triathlete. Our shop features road and triathlon bikes, wetsuits,nutrition, and a huge selection of triathlon gear.

Braithwaite Chiropractic

bc-logoWe are dedicated to providing optimal health and function to individuals of all ages in Orange County. We specialize in the measurable recovery of car accident victims, the performance boost for dedicated athletes, and the improvement of essential function for everyday warriors. We can help you get the most out of your life through specific adjustments that will enhance nearly every aspect of your life.

Xterra Wetsuits

xterra-hoizontal1XTERRA WETSUITS was born in San Diego- the birthplace of triathlon. With unparalleled design, we strive to offer the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value. As a global leader in triathlon wetsuits, XTERRA WETSUITS provides speed, comfort, durability and buoyancy for dedicated triathletes.


newquarqlogointernetQuarq power meters are for athletes devoted to honing their craft. Delivering statistics to help you know exactly what’s going on. But not just statistics. The context to help go beyond the guess. To get beyond the uncertainty of whether your mood or emotion is calling the shots. So you can know exactly when to push, when to sit up, and when to dig deeper.

Sponsorship Packages – Triathlon Training Team & Tri Gladiators

We greatly appreciate your interest in sponsoring Triathlon Training Team and the Tri Gladiators (our youth and junior team)! Know that your contribution will directly help our team through meeting equipment needs, uniforms, and renting pool space (just to name a few items). We’ve created 3 levels of sponsorship and included some free “swag” and services in each level – our way of saying thank you!

Bronze ($150 – $499) :Includes a Triathlon Training Team t-shirt, water bottle, custom hand towel with logo, and choice of run or swim analysis.

Silver ($500 – $1249): Includes “bronze” rewards as well as strength training class and choice of resting metabolic rate or VO2 max test.

Gold ($1250) – Includes “sliver” rewards as well as the choice of 2 tests (resting metabolic rate test/simulated threshold test, VO2 max test) and triathlon coaching package.

***Please feel free to contact us for any higher monetary donations and we’ll create a custom sponsorship package for you!