Annual members start with 15 points in their "bank" and immediately begin earning points as events are attended. As long as two athletes are in good standing (currently signed up for the annual membership), they can transfer points from one athlete to another. How does this work? If athlete A has been earning points, but can't take advantage of the rewards, or chooses not to take advantage of them, they have the right to donate the points to athlete B.






One month Silverado Pool Swimming

$40.00 150 You will get one free month of swimming with our swim.
4-Week Indoor Bike Class $40.00 150 Bring your bike to the pool! We provide you with the trainer, the  coach,  and the workout.  We meet once a week, every week. This is an endurance building class with high intensity mixed in.
45 min Private Swim Lesson $50.00 195 Our head coach will meet with you at a pool of your choosing,  and work with you for 45 minutes for a one on one lesson to  better your swimming dynamics.
Swim Video Analysis $85.00 220 Our head coach will meet you at a pool of your choosing, and video tape you swimming above  and underwater. Once the video is analyzed,you will meet with him again to review the results.  A copy of the videos will be e-mailed to you for your records.
Lactate Threshold Test $125.00 275 Contact Diego Olivieri
VO2 Max Test $125.00 275 Contact Diego Olivieri
Two Month Gold Coaching Package $350.00 500 Contact Diego Olivieri