Triathlon Coaching

Our custom triathlon coaching packages are made specifically for you and your skill level. We will discuss the goal/s you are trying to achieve, and build a plan around them. Workouts are made weekly, and uploaded to your TrainingPeaks account. The workouts will be broken down by day, and by time of day when applicable, depending on your needs. The quality of the workouts, and coaching remains at the utmost quality, regardless of the length of your coached commitment. The package includes unlimited texting/e-mail communications, and a weekly phone call to review your progress, how you are feeling and any other important information that will help me create the best possible plan for you.

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Our private lessons last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. The lesson will be done at a facility of your choosing. Stroke analysis can be done for all four strokes. butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, or freestyle. Analysis can also include proper starts. turns, or any racing help you might need, specially focusing on all ocean swims tailored to a triathlon competition.

Triathlon Training Team Annual Membership

Becoming a member of our Triathlon Training Team will provide you with many benefits. It will give you access to our team rides, team runs, team ocean swims, and team fun events. The team is great for every level, very welcoming, educational, fun and challenging!

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Program Details:

  1. Membership cost is only $85 per year.
  2. Open to any participant age 18 or older.
  3. Team event ran and supervised by our USAT, USA Swimming and US Master Swimming certified coach Diego Olivieri.
  4. An average of 5 - 6 team workouts per month, and also be part of our non-workout team events.
  5. ​Free team shirt, team water bottle and team sports towel when you sign up.
  6. ​Earn team points for every team event you attend, which can be redeemed for valuable products!.
  7. ​Lastly, you will be part of a community of great athletes like yourself, building camaraderie, having fun, and keeping your healthy lifestyle going!.​​​

​Team Swim = 5 points
​Team Bike = 5 points
Team Run = 5 points
Team Brick Workout = 7 points when attending the whole workout.
Team non-workout gathering = 5 points
Volunteering at team events = 5 points
Cheering on teammates at races = 5 points **

** Cheering on teammates at races will require you to post a picture on social media from the event, tagging the event, the person/s you are cheering on, and tagging Triathlon Training Team.

Monthly swim practices at Silverado Park Aquatic Center in Long Beach, CA

Swim practices are every year round held every week, Mondays and Wednesdays evening, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. All sessions are professionally coached, with the aim to improve on all aspects of your swimming skills. All levels are welcomed.

Triathlon Training Team focuses on the training of triathletes. Hence, our swim workouts are structured more on the side of triathlon training, and geared to push you to your next level of swimming efficiency.

Indoor Cycling at Silverado Park Aquatic Center in Long Beach, CA

Our indoor cycling class at Silverado Park in Long Beach, CA are a great way to improve your overall physical shape. The class is held every Wednesday, from 7 pm to 8:00 pm. We provide the trainer for your own bike, and the coach to run the clinic. We go over biking drills that can be done on the trainer, and also do workouts to improve your endurance.

Boot Camp/Strength Training at Silverado Park Aquatic Center

For the strength training clinics, you will learn many different core exercises to overall help you strengthen your body. You will also be doing each of these exercises as a group, so be ready to get a real workout! Both clinics are meant to be fun, and to get you involved. This will be a USAT Sanctioned Clinic, so a valid USAT membership will be required. If you do not have one, you will be able to purchase one for the clinic.

Video Analysis

Our video analysis is done at the location of your choosing. The video analysis consists an in-depth look at your above and under water stroke, front view, side views. It also includes your kick analysis. The video will be reviewed with you in person, and also e-mailed to you for your records.

One free taping included in a three pack, or six pack private or semi-private lessons. Two free tapings included in a twelve pack private or semi-private lessons.

Individualized Swim Coaching Package

The coaching package is designed specifically to each individual swimmer’s needs. Workouts are made to match their skill level, time commitment of the swimmer, and possible end result desired by the swimmer. Minimum time commitment is three consecutive months.

Customized swim workouts, phone/email help as needed. Two live 45 min. sessions (per quarter), that can be used as private lessons, coaching (workout) session, or a combination of both. A video analysis is also included in this package.